Forget-Me-Not has, to date, recorded SvenSson's debut album "AUX JOURS MEILLEURS" (Productions Speciales, 2005), second album "PERDITION" (MVS/Anticraft, 2007), third album "CYPRINE" (AmpHead/MVS/Anticraft, 2009), fourth 4-fold album "QUADRUPLE AXEL" (Muzikom/Believe, 2014) as well as various LPs, EPs, and demos.
Various 'SvenSsongs' also appear on international compilations, such as "French Pops 50 / Festival France Glamour" (released in Japan by Ward), featuring such other french artists as Pauline Croze, Christophe Willem, Julien Doré, Calc, etc.
Forget-Me-Not Records has also been a partner to De Calm's debut album "LE FILM DEFINITIF" (Les Re-Creations Du Pourquoi, 2010), released on Dec. 6th 2010 (distributed by MVS/Anticraft and Believe Digital)


Forget-Me-Not has, to date, produced SvenSson's four latest music videos, from latest 4-fold album "QUADRUPLE AXEL" (2014)

These videos have been directed and edited by Steve Axel B., with the support of Gwarr Greff (Toxic Music) as cameraman and director of photography on three of them, and Nataliya Velykanova (Autograff) as graphist on "Les Lendemains d'Inga".

Forget-Me-Not has also partnered with Toxic Music and Long Age Productions to produce live videos for australian singing songwriter Mick Hart, at the Auditorium de Balma (31, France) in Nov. 2015. All 6 videos are available on the LiveQuest platform.